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Spinpoler Poor Worm TPR Floating Soft Bait 5cm 7cm Bionic Caterpillar Segemented Swimbait For Trout Bass

Realistic shape design, segmented body and multi-legged details make the Poor Worm like a real dropworm.
The thinner segmented joints make the worm more natural and versatile in the water.
TPR material makes the bait more resistant to pulling and tuggin
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Spinpoler Poor Worm TPR Floating Soft Plastic Bait Bionic Caterpillar Segemented Swimbait Fishing Lure For Trout Bass Ned Wacky
Fishing Lure:Poor Worm
Size:2in,1/0oz  2.8in,1/4oz

       5cm/3g 7cm/7g
Package:S size 10+1pcs,L size 5+1pcs

Use Way:
1.Weightless floating:With weightless hooks to imitate a worm falling into the water, attracting the attention of predators with tiny fluttering, very effective for pelagic fish.
2.Swing search: Hang on the back with a lead jig hook or a Ned hook and swing it from side to side to imitate a fleeing creature, very useful when searching.
3.Slow wriggle fall: Use lead jig hooks or Ned hooks to hang on the abdomen, slow sinking to produce a wobble, which is very effective for the less aggressive fish, and at the same time in a small range of twitching to produce the most natural travelling movement, and a large range of twitching to produce exaggerated twisting movements, to attract the attention of the fish farther away, to increase the scope of the search.
4.Hop & bounce:The bait bounces on the bottom, the soft body structure will increase the trembling effect, thus increasing the desire of fish to attack.

Bionic Caterpillar Segemented shape design
Designed and developed according to the shape of real worms, the more refined segmented joints make the wretch appear more natural and variable in the water.

Soft body structure
The TPR material allows for a softer body that presents a more natural and flexible swimming action.

Tough TPR material,Floating Body
TPR material makes the bait more resistant to pulling and prolongs the life of the bait, and the softer bait body enhances the palatability of the fish.The Floating body to get the super natural action of a worm falling into the water.

Carefully selected product colours, two-tone design inside and outside for a more realistic look
From fifty alternative colours, we have selected the ten most effective for you to choose from, and three of two-color to look like a real fat worm in front of you.

Please be aware that due to your computer monitor display the color may have some difference between the picture and the physical item

Please according to you to buy the dress fabric, select the corresponding fabric color chart

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